1924. Point of departure

The beginning of an exciting story

In 1924 Josep Mata Capellades made his start in the world of cava as a disgorger and professional winemaker. He took up his pick and spade and began building cellars right under his home in the historic centre of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona).

This was the start an exciting story of enterprise rooted in the craft of disgorgement.

1944. The path to a distinctive style

Pioneers in the production of Brut Nature

Josep Mata Capellades named his family-owned winery after his father, Recaredo Mata Figueres, who had been born into a family of craft potters in 1878. Over time the respected family business would forge a path to its own distinctive style, pioneering the production of brut nature sparkling wines, the use of oak barrels, and the crafting of long-aged cavas with the Xarel·lo grape variety as the main protagonist.

1962. Reserva Particular de Recaredo

Emblematic of long ageing

Nineteen sixty-two brought the first harvest of a new idea, another step – one of many taken since 1924 – in the process of defining Recaredo. Working closely with his sons, Josep and Antoni Mata, Josep Mata Capellades made the first batch of Reserva Particular de Recaredo cava, a sparkling wine with a distinctive, captivating character: Xarel·lo and Macabeu, fermentation in oak casks and long ageing – a perfect expression of the authentic identity of the Recaredo winery.

Reserva Particular de Recaredo captures the Mediterranean in its purest state, interprets the calcareous soil of Alt Penedès, and conveys the profound character of the oldest Xarel·lo and Macabeu vineyards.

1975. Vineyards as a vital element

Second generation of the Recaredo family

Over the years, Josep and Antoni Mata Casanovas, the sons of Josep Mata Capellades, continued to strengthen Recaredo’s reputation as a byword for rigour, quality, and passion for excellence, defining a truly unique style.

Thanks to their drive and dedication, the Recaredo winery (known familiarly as Can Credo) came to specialise in terroir cavas, with the vineyards as a vital element and a resolve to produce sparkling wines that truly connect with the landscapes of the Alt Penedès region.

1990. When experience and new ideas come together

Third generation of the Recaredo family

In the 1990s members of the third generation of the family began to work in the cellars, setting in motion an enriching process in which the experience and know-how of the older generation was complemented by the younger team members’ new ideas and drive to move forward and learn.

2006. Biodynamic viticulture

An honest relationship with nature

‘There can be no wine without life in the vineyards’

To move forward, sometimes we need to take a few steps back, observing and listening to nature to find the answers we seek. Without chemical fertilisers, without herbicides, without fungicides: using only elements of natural origin.

There can be no wine without life in the vineyards. There can be no wines that capture the essence of the landscape unless we care for and respect the land itself. This is the thinking that led Recaredo to start practising biodynamic agriculture – to set life in motion.

At Recaredo we were the first producers of protected designation of origin cava and protected designation in the Penedès region to practise biodynamic agriculture with official certification by Demeter.

2008. First estate cava ever

Turó d’en Mota de Recaredo

The 1999 vintage of Turó d’en Mota, which would see the light in the autumn of 2008, marks a new chapter in Recaredo’s history. Turó d’en Mota is the first cava made using a single variety of grapes (100% Xarel·lo) harvested from a single vineyard. It is also the longest-aged cava, having spent over a hundred months in contact with the lees.

Turó d’en Mota is a terroir wine in the broadest sense of the term: the expression of a land characterised by highly calcareous soil and a Mediterranean microclimate, with the Xarel·lo grape variety as the undisputed protagonist, and an approach to viticulture that stresses observation over intervention.


2014. Recaredo’s 90th anniversary

The road ahead

Ninety years have passed since our grandfather disgorged his first bottle. Today we look to our shared history and the values ​​handed down to us for the inspiration to continue pursuing an honest approach to farming that involves working in partnership with the landscape. We’ve made the work of winegrowers and producers our vocation. This is our story. But without the support and loyalty of all those who love Recaredo, it would never have become history.