Costers del Bitlles

Genuine terroir character

At Recaredo we farm just 65 hectares of family-owned vineyards in the Bitlles Valley Highlands, in the county of Alt Penedès (Barcelona). The Bitlles winds its way through a varied landscape of forests, hills and ravines, including sites of great natural beauty, all dominated by the imposing presence of the mountain of Montserrat.

As grape growers and winemakers, we’ve specialised in long-aged Brut Nature sparkling wines, entering into a tacit agreement with the land and tradition, a pact under which we seek to articulate truly honest stories, to express the distinctive features of the landscape through wines, vintage after vintage.

Recaredo’s vineyards

100% Family-owned vineyards

Xarel·lo: ambassador for a territory

A Mediterranean variety rich in nuances

Xarel·lo is a classic white grape variety that has its natural habitat in the Mediterranean, particularly the Penedès region. Xarel·lo provides a fresh, vivid acidity, and gives long-aged sparkling wines a good structure.

To be as respectful as possible towards the natural environment and ensure the outstanding quality of our grapes, we always harvest our crop by hand.

blanc 39 ha Xarel·lo
blanc 18.5 ha Macabeu
blanc 3 ha Parellada
roig 3.5 ha Monastrell
roig 1 ha Garnatxa

As of 2014, all Recaredo’s vineyards are planted with indigenous varieties of the Mediterranean zone.

The privilege of calcareous soils

Geology of the Bitlles River watershed

Low production volumes of high quality

Recaredo’s family-owned vineyards are characterised by soils that are calcareous and in some cases highly so. The production volumes we obtain from these soils are quite low, but of high quality.

The soils are loamy: a balanced mix of sands and clays that facilitates drainage when there’s heavy rain and water retention during periods of drought.

The climate of Recaredo’s vineyards

100% Dry-grown viticulture

Temperature Mediterranean climate

As a result of the proximity of the Mediterranean, Recaredo’s vineyards experience mild winters and hot, dry summers. The area has a temperate Mediterranean climate, with an average annual rainfall of about 530 mm.

The lowest temperatures on our properties are recorded in January (the temperature can reach -2°C), and the hottest month is August (average temperature 24.2°C). Although the seasonal distribution of rainfall is very irregular in the Penedès region, the heaviest rains tend to come in the autumn, with winds from the east known locally as llevantades.