A unique commitment

Vintage Brut Nature

For almost a century, Recaredo has maintained a firm commitment: to produce terroir wines that reflect the landscapes of the Alt Penedès (Barcelona) as honestly and transparently as possible.

We make only vintage brut nature sparkling wines with a distinctive character marked by long ageing.

Our sparkling wines have forged a truly unique style defined by elegance and subtlety. From the vineyards to the winery, to our cellars, at Recaredo every step is audited and certified by the independent verification body Bureau Veritas, a process that attests to our unique vocation as grape growers and winemakers.


Born in the heart of Penedès

Chronicles of a landscape

The Corpinnat territory is home to our family’s mosaic of vineyards. The Corpinnat territory is the birthplace of great sparkling wines within the historic winegrowing area of the Penedès – south of Barcelona – where at the end of the XIX century winemaking of sparkling wines was initiated following the traditional method.

The mainly calcareous terrain is characterised by disjointed landscapes, dominated by the imposing presence of the mountain of Montserrat.

Artisans of the land

Pioneers in biodynamic viticulture

Biodynamic, a step beyond organic farming. A step that brings us closer to life, to the constant pursuit of balance in the ecosystem, and to respect for biodiversity. A step that irrevocably makes man an artisan of the land.

To move forward, we take a few steps back, observing and listening to nature to find answers. Without chemical fertilisers, without herbicides, without fungicides – only elements of natural origin. Because there can be no wines that capture the essence of the landscape unless we care for and respect the land itself.

Time of repose

Long-ageing with natural cork stopper

The passage of time imbues Recaredo wines with an absolutely unique character. Our long-aged wines, which spend from a minimum of two and a half to over 20 years in the darkness of our cellars, make our winery an undisputed standard-bearer for professionalism, rigour and excellence.

All Recaredo’s wines, without exception, are aged with natural cork stoppers, which are technically ideal for preserving the original character of a long-aged sparkling wine.

Artisanal excellence

Disgorgements by hand without freezing the neck of the bottle

At Recaredo, disgorgement is still done by true artisans, who expel the lees manually at the naturally cool temperature of the cellars. This traditional technique – performed only by experienced, expert hands – underscores our commitment to long-aged wines.

Our sparkling wines become deep and luminous, subtle and rich in nuances, essentialy ideal for pairing with fine foods.