Minimum of 30 months’ ageing

Long ageing subtlety

Like sentinels waiting patiently in silence, Recaredo’s bottles remain in the darkness of our cellars for at least 30 months (two and a half years), until they achieve a truly unique character.

In the case of Recaredo’s most exclusive family wine cellars, some of our sparkling wines are aged for nearly 30 years, preserving the delicacy of time and a wealth of elegant and complex nuances.

Recaredo’s distinctive character

Aged sparkling wines – always with natural cork stopper

Cork, ideally suited for long ageing

Recaredo’s aged sparkling wines find a perfect ally in the natural cork stopper. Cork is a sustainable, recyclable material that’s part of our Mediterranean identity and craft tradition. Most importantly, though, cork is ideally suited to preserving the original character and excellence of long-aged sparkling wines.

Recaredo was the first producer of sparkling wines in the world to receive the Aged with Cork certification granted by the European Cork Federation.

Hand-riddling on racks

Smooth, precise movements

When an aged sparkling wine has achieved the desired point of excellence, we place the bottles on racks. Every day we perform a smooth, precise movement until the lees settle into the neck of the bottle.

Time has done its work in silence… Now it’s time for skilled disgorgers to do theirs.

The excellence of disgorgement

Artisanal skill

Manual disgorgement at the naturally cool temperature of the cellars

With the kind of skill that comes only from experience, the disgorger releases the lees at the natural temperature of the cellars, without freezing the neck of the bottle. Without exception, every bottle of sparkling wine produced by Recaredo is disgorged by hand in a ritual marked by rhythmic fizzing pops.

Disgorgement is the final step before bottles are corked. Today, Recaredo’s winemaking professionals are keeping alive this craft, which is an exercise in skilled professionalism and respect for the environment.